"Presence - Wisdom - Compassion"

No Longer Holding Practice

Dear Beloved Friends & Supporters,

For all those whom do not yet know, we regret to say Underdog Zendo is no longer holding Weekly Zen Practice in Chicago. A job opportunity arose for us which we could not pass up so Shiko & I have made the difficult choice to relocate to Los Angeles,  California.

For all our regular Sangha members, I want to say; You will forever remain etched in my Heart.

Who We Are

Underdog Zendo is a Zen Buddhist Sitting Group located on the West Side of Chicago, IL. USA which was founded on February 2012 & continued through December 2013 with the guiding principle to provide a positive & contemporary space for all those interested in the path of enlightenment & the practice of Zen Buddhism.

Sangha Covenant

We, the members of Underdog Zendo Sangha, with respect for the worth  and dignity of each person, with wonder at the wisdom and compassion we seek to cultivate by practice, and with deep gratitude for the teachers of this lineage and our connection to one another, covenant to support each other by upholding the precepts of doing no harm, practicing good, and actualizing good for others.