Three Times is a Charm! Notes from Practice 2/19/12

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Three Times is a Charm! Notes from Practice 2/19/12

The practice time was superb. Even though 2 of our regular participants could not make it this time around, we had our fullest house yet! Look’s like we may have to get more cushions sooner than later! We had 8 people total & 6 of which were girls so it was great having all that feminine energy present as well*

This service we chanted the “Harmony of Relative & Absolute” for the 1st time which was really cool. I feel this chant shows the quality of “reality groundedness” of zen which is a good reference for people to keep grounded & not float off n some “out-there” spiritual cloud in their practice.

Since there were was a majority newbie’s, I gave detailed beginning instructions for ZaZen & we sat zazen a little shorter than 30 mins. Everyone did great as it can be a challenge to take this practice on for the 1st time* I bow to each of them for doing so  from our discussion time during tea, everyone seemed to find unexpected value to the experience* During our last sitting period, I read a snippet from the Tao Te Ching [V15-16] which can be found [ HERE ].

I thank everyone deeply for coming out & I hope you have many returns* It is after all, our lives we are living! Also our other 2 Sangha members were missed so looking forward to seeing you soon*

Bows to all beings,
~Fugon Mugen

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