The Texture of Lyfe – Notes From Practice 3/11/12

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The Texture of Lyfe – Notes From Practice 3/11/12

This practice period had a refreshing quality to it. It turned out to be a warm day so we opened the windows. Our practice seemed very connected to each other & there was a sense that we all came together for good intentions. The wind blowing in during zazen seemed to connect us all & the sounds from the street let us know that we were in the World.

It had been an intense time for many of us in our lives so I could not measure the importance of us retuning to this practice during such times. There is a natural healing that happens & also an energetic “recalibration”, a reorientation not based on a personal agenda but with life it’s self, the presence underneath the personal agenda, underneath the thoughts, underneath beliefs & viewpoints, underneath the sadness & joy. How wonderful it is to discover this silence, this practice of unification!

I know for some this just naturally ends up being a time of deep introspection. I know of one person which was feeling upset before reaching the cushion but half way through zazen I was met by a Huge Glowing SMILE! : )

We shortened our amount of Sutra Chants by 2 texts & it worked out well* I think were going to keep it this way for the time being & every once in a while when it feel right, throw in an extra Chant or 2.

Since all the people in attendance had previously received Zazen Instructions, there was no need for instruction so after our Chant we dove right into Zazen. This was a 1st for us at UZ which was pretty cool! Down the road, we may hold an ”Intro to Zen Practice” Service every month or 2 dedicated to those new to zazen & slim our regular Practice  zazen instruction down a bit in the future.

The Text Reading for this day was From: Hua Hu Ching – The Unknown Teachings of Lau Tzu, an excerpt from Verse 75 – This text refers to a core tenant in this practice to foremost work on ourselves, then the unfolding of this practice will naturally come to the aid of the World. I also fallowed up with a little about living in the World, the unavoidably of making difficult decisions that affect others & how the practice zen helps expand our capacity or wise action.

Read the Text Here: Hua Hu Ching #75 – The Greatest Gift to Give

There are a couple cool pictures added to the gallery from this Practice Period. Check them out HERE in our Photo Gallery

Thank you for all who attended* Lyfe is short! May all beings awaken!

Endless Bows,

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