Open Sky, Weeping Willow, Kwocking Geese, Zafu’s & Soccor Balls – Notes from Practice 3/18/12

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Open Sky, Weeping Willow, Kwocking Geese, Zafu’s & Soccor Balls – Notes from Practice  3/18/12

Another interesting first for U-Z…
This period, we were to end our practice early for another event & also one of our members was running behind so we  needing to pick him up from the train station so we were all rushing to get to the zendo early to make sure we began service on the dot. Once we arrived, the urgency just dropped away & there was a sense that it would only be the 3 of us this day. It was a beautiful warm day out so we decided to take the Zendo outside ! We packed some supplies & grabbed some cushions & waited to make sure there were no stranglers before splitting.

We hoped in the car & went to the park down the street, Humboldt Park. We found a nice aria by a weeping willow & a pond on both sides. We sat up the Zendo, putting together a simple alter, leaving an extra cushion for anyone who wished to join & began practice. Sitting still & quiet there was a sense of naturalness together with the wind, frogs jumping, gees kwock kwocking, & flapping their wings into the water. Passersby with their children & walking dogs. People playing soccer in the nearby field & fishing their ball from the pond. During walking meditation we zigzagged between trees &  feeling the texture of the soft ground on our feet was pleasant & interesting. Also, we did our sutra chant’s the same as if we were indoors except we practiced a chant we had never done as a group before; Song of Grass-Roof Hermitage which was a very nice ending & met us with a warm welcome.

At the end of our sitting, I decided to read a different verse than I had originally chosen. Something more fitting for our spontaneous outdoors zendo. Verses 10-12 from Master Dogen’s “Actualizing the Fundamental Point” which talks about the operation of life, the nature of Buddha-fields, & practice-enlightenment. Text available HERE:

Genjo Koan : Meeting One Thing

After practice we then went to a near by coffee shop to chill for a bit & share tea* Good times!  We will definitely head out to practice outdoors more during the warm seasons. We also took some great pictures from our outdoor Zendo & tea time, which are available from the link BELOW. See you this Sunday* On to the next!

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