Blooming Sangha Meeting the Moment – Notes from Practice 3/25/12

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Blooming Sangha Meeting the Moment – Notes from Practice 3/25/12

This practice Period had a feeling of a new stage to it.
We have had a quite a few folks that have been practicing with us pretty much since our conception in February 2012. Now we are getting to know each other more & the group is starting to get a real feeling of a supportive community & dharma family which is something I felt was lacking in quite a few of the other groups I have practiced with.  To me a Sangha is more than a group of strangers coming together to practice zazen & then disappearing to their isolated lives. From my view, if the flower of enlightenment is honestly alive in a Sangha, there should be a real sense of care for each other & if this flower of enlightenment is expressed in the daily life’s of it’s members then this care is not just present during the zen practice period but before, during & after. We all have our own lives to live but we are also in this together. As we are not living together in some Monastery but we wish to take this path seriously as lay people, I think it is very important to find a real world balance of living mutual support & autonomy.  Naturally this will vary between members according to a many variables as it should, but I can surely say this is more than a weekly Zen Practice Group… but a real blooming Sangha! Awesome!

We had one new person with us & her fist time sitting zazen so we went through beginning instruction. We are not Robot Zen so I usually make a point to throw in some fresh snippets about the practice for those already familiar with instruction at UZ so there’s always something new to hear for everyone.

This periods text reading was a heavy-hitter from Zen Master Dogen’s Moon in a Dewdrop; On the Endeavor of the Way -Verse 1. This text talks about zazen, the nature of enlightenment & awakening. This text expresses Dogen’s realization to one of his deepest burning questions; If everything is already perfect & all beings are already enlightened… Then why the heck should we bother with all this formal practice? I think this is quite a natural question & was also one I found myself asking but I did not realize it until Rev. Risen brought it to my attention. The value of this verse will continue to deepen as ones understanding ripens in this practice so this is one of those texts you will want to return to again & again!
A link to this Text is available below.

Tea time was nice & we shared some great conversation. Also, we took a couple pics from this practice period including a nice group photo. Check em’ out in the Gallery! Thanx everyone & see you sooner than later!


On the Endeavor of the Way – Verse 1

UZ Photo Gallery

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