Into Month 2 – Notes from March 4th 2012 Prax Period

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Into Month 2 – Notes from March 4th 2012 Prax Period

This weeks practice period was just excellent* We had all had a bit of a wild week so the air had an explosive quality to it. The fist round of zazen was a bit hard for everyone but for me it seemed the zendo had a very rich & vibrant quality to it & everyone seemed in dire need to come together, slow down & rest into the stillness. The healing qualities of zazen are bottomless & unknowable. Even when it seems hard, it is like passing through a giant ring of fire but the cool water of tranquility patiently awaits us on the other side.

We had 5 people come together with one new person. I was very grateful for everyone who showed up for practice even when faced with obstacles. The dedication of the blooming Sangha is proving to be rich in conviction. This is wonderful to see because for those who earnestly wish to wake up from our own delusions, we really don’t have the option to be wishy-washy & not take this path seriously.

Still haven’t ordered our Mokugyo or new Bells yet but I put my ingenuity to work by putting together a make-shift underdog style’ Mokugyo made out of a 10 inch wooden bowl flipped upside down & propping one side up for a good echo with a little fabric. It did the trick & will serve us well for now! : ) The question of how much Sutra Chanting is best for our regular Practice Periods came up as well. I think we might slim down the chanting for next Practice Period & see how that flows!

I read a Text from the Shakyamuni Buddha on the subject of Mindfulness of Mind which I though was a wonderful explanation of the importance of the observation of thought aspect of our practice. The text explains how our personal character is formed from our thoughts. So in the practice of zazen we become aware of our thoughts & from this mindful awareness of thought, quite naturally, our thoughts begin to shift away from carelessness & toward further building of positive character.
Key words to notice in this text are: WATCH, not judge or control & LET, not force or make happen.

This months Text Reading is located here:
So Watch the Thought – Text Reading 3/4/12

We took some Pictures of our Kinhin Practice (walking Zen) you can check out in our Gallery*
U-Z Photo Gallery

Lastly, some cool news is in regards to U-Z expenses. We were only 16$ short from covering our 1st months overhead expenses through Sangha donations which is more than we had hoped for* Thanx guys! Things are really coming together* I think were going to be able to keep the Zendo GOING!  : )

Thanx everyone who joined us for Practice – See you soon!

Buddha – Dharma – Sangha,
Fugon Mugen UZ

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