Who is Your Enemy? | Drinking Gourd Dharma Talk with Rev. Rinsen | Notes from Practice 4/15/12

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Who is Your Enemy? | Drinking Gourd Dharma Talk with Rev. Rinsen | Notes from Practice 4/15/12

Last months Practice Period was another 1st*
For the 1st time in our Sangha. we listened to a Drinking Gourd In Podcast; Dharma talk from our Senior Dharma Teacher Rev. Rinsen Weik from The Buddhist Temple of Toledo  & the Drinking Gourd Institute which was recorded in June 3rd, 2019.

This Dharma Talk “Who is Your Enemy?” is about the nature of conflict & breaking down our perceptions which produce enemies. Inspired by a conversation Rev. Rinsen had with a military Veteran which ran into a series of hardships. During this time the BTT was working with text from Shantideva’s The Way of the Bodhisattva & Rev. Rinsen gives great discussion into the nature of mental conflict & some strait-forward council to working with transforming aversion of life conditions into harmony. He further discuses the value of zazen as the antidote practice.

There is nothing that is not easy to accomplish if we develop familiarity with it. So I should first learn to forbear small sufferings & then gradually endure greater ones.
I should not become impatient with heat & cold, neither with win nor rain.
– Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra

“How do you navigate freely & joyfully in your life exactly as it is,
regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in?”
“We think somehow someone else is doing this stuff to make us angry,
but in fact it’s simply the performance of that which we have practiced so long for.”
– Rev. Rinsen; Who is Your Enemy?

If you were at this Practice Period, we did not listen to the after-talk discussion located at the last half of the podcast so make sure to give a listen to the rest of the recording*

Listen to this Podcast | The Drinking Gourd


[ For complete library of The Drinking Gourd Podcast, check out – TheDrinkingGourd.org ]

Or Download on iTunes Here: Who is Your Enemy? Drinking Gourd iTunes Podcast

We have decided that we will be dedicating Practice Service once a month to listening to a Dharma Talk from the Drinking Gourd Podcast or watching a video discussion from Rev. Rinsen & The Drinking Gourd Institute. This is a great way to deepen your understanding of practice with the sharing of wisdom, communication & contemplation. So we hope you will join us on these occasions! I will soon be putting up an active calendar on the website to show the different events as scheduled*

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