All Dharmas in this Moment | Drinking Gourd Podcast

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All Dharmas in this Moment | Drinking Gourd Podcast

On EarthDay 2012, we listened to the Drinking Gourd dharma talk All Dharmas in this Moment which was recorded in Spring of 2011 from our Senior Dharma Teacher Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik of the Drinking Gourd Institute & The Buddhist Temple of Toledo.

This dharma discussion refers to a teaching from the Innumerable Meanings Sutra on the subject of impermanence were the historical Buddha talks about how one should consider phenomenon. The text discusses in this recording is found below. Please follow the links below to listen to this Podcast.


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From Innumerable Meanings Sutra
[translation: Bunno Kato]

Thus I have heard, The Buddha Said;
“A bodhisattva, if he wants to learn and master the doctrine of Innumerable Meanings, should observe that all laws were originally, will be, and are in themselves void in nature and form; they are neither great nor small, neither appearing nor disappearing, neither fixed nor movable, and neither advancing nor retreating; and they are nondualistic, just emptiness.”

“According to the nature of a law, such a law emerges. According to the nature of a law, such a law settles. According to the nature of a law, such a law changes. According to the nature of a law, such a law vanishes.”

“Bodhisattvas, having thus completely observed and known these four aspects from beginning to end, should next observe that none of the laws settles down even for a moment, but all emerge and vanish anew every moment; and observe that they emerge, settle, change, and vanish instantly.”

Because we take these phenomenon, these experience to be permanent,
then we wind ourselves around attraction & repulsion.
– Rev. Rinsen

PLUS.. here is the accompanying video – True Spring Discourse*


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