All Evil Karma – Video Dharma Talk from Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik

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All Evil Karma – Video Dharma Talk from Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik

On Feb 17th 2013 for our Drinking Gourd Practice Period, we watched a video from our Senior Dharma Teacher; Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik at The Buddhist Temple of Toledo called; ALL EVIL KARMA on the subject of one of our zen chants, the “Gatha of Atonement”.

We made sure to practice this gatha before watching the video together. Our Sangha was grateful to see this talk & felt it was one of the best they had seen. Afterward, we had a great discussion on the subject & closed with each of us sharing one way we have noticed a shift in ourselves or actively lessened our harmful karma since we have began Zen Practice. Everyone had uniquely compelling things to share! Well, “the proof is in the pudding” as they say & in this Sangha, the transformative impact of  Zen Practice is clearly ROCK’N OUR WORLD!  So thank you all for your wonderful practice & each in our own ways, starting with ourselves – Transforming Evil Karma & Helping to heal the World*

Here is the video along with the Gatha of Atonement. Comments welcome below…. N-Joy!

Bows to all beings,


All evil karma ever committed by me since of old,

on account of my beginningless greed, anger, and ignorance

born of my body, mouth, and thought,

now I atone for it all.



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