Chicago Inner Peace Festival – Sat May 5th 2012

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Chicago Inner Peace Festival – Sat May 5th 2012



The 3rd Annual Chicago Inner Peace Festival is once again bringing consciousness and peace to the city on May 5, 2012.

Building on the success of last year’s festival, this interfaith event is a major opportunity for Chicago to unify in one mind, one heart and one love — it is our way of contributing to peace in the world. How does this happen? The Inner Peace Festival will have meditations, blessings, prayer and other activities to help individuals find peace inside.

Through learning how to forgive, how to give and how to love what is inside of us, we can then bring that peace to the world around us. The festival will end with the highlight event, the Shine Your Light for Peace Parade where individuals and groups from all over the city come and shine their light for peace.

We will also be holding a MedMob meditation at this event @ 2pm around the Gong Meditation – Please join us.

Inner Peace Festival


11:30am: Soto Zen Buddhist Chanting by Ancient Dragon Zen Gate

12pm: Opening Ceremony by Mother Clare Watts, Centers of Light

1pm: Rich Logan & John Schwartz, Kirtan

2pm: Kenny Kolter, Gong Meditation – & MedMob

3pm: Peace Panel:

  • Mother Clare Watts, Christian mystic and priest, Centers of Light
  • Maya Tiwari, Vedic monk and Founder of Wise Earth Monastery
  • Merwyn De Mello, Co-Director of the Christian Peacemaker Teams
  • Darrell Jones, Spiritual Counselor at Bodhi Spiritual Center

4:30pm: Kathleen Lahiff, Harpist and Swami, Temple of Kriya Yoga

7:30pm: Ho Etsu Taiko Drumming

8:00pm: Shine Your Light for Peace Parade

WHERE:    Giddings Plaza, Lincoln Square (4731 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago)

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