Are you in? – The Drinking Gourd Podcast

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Are you in? – The Drinking Gourd Podcast

On May 19th 2013, we listened to the following recording at Underdog Zendo, ending with a group discussion. This Dharma Talk by Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik was recorded live at The Buddhist Temple of Toledo, Feb 2013.

Case 11 – Mumonkan
The Gateless Gate

Joshu sees the True-Nature of 2 Hermits

Joshu came to a hermit & asked, “Are you in? Are you in?” The hermit held up his fist; “The water is to shallow to anchor a vessel here”, said Joshu & went away. Then he came to another hermits, & he called out the same way; “Are you in? Are you in?” This hermit also held up his fist. “You are free to give or take away life, to kill or grant.”, Joshu said this & bowed to him.

Mumon’s Commentary

Both held up their fists. Why did he approve the one & disapprove the other? Tell me, where is the core of the complication in this matter? If you can give a turning word on the point, you will see that Joshu is unrestrained in saying what he wants to say & utterly free either to help the one rise up or push the other down. But be that as it may, do you know that it was Joshu on the contrary who’s true-nature was seen by the two hermits? If you say one hermit is superior to the other, you have not yet got the zen eye, or if you say there is no difference between the two, you haven’t got the zen eye either.

Mumon’s Poem

His eye is a shooting star

His spirit is lightning

A sward to kill

A sward to give life

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