Beyond Pure & Impure – The Drinking Gourd Podcast

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Beyond Pure & Impure – The Drinking Gourd Podcast

On April 21st 2013, this months Drinking Gourd Practice Period, we listened to the following recording at Underdog Zendo, ending with a group discussion.

“Beyond Pure and Impure.”  A Dharma Talk by Rev. Jay Rinsen Weik recorded live at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo on Feb 13th, 2013. This Dharma Talk discusses Denkoroku – Case 50  (Transmission of the Lamp) koan & other related goodies.



Case 50 – From The Transmission of the Lamp

The Ancestor asked him, how will you purify what is not impure from the beginning? The Master worked on the koan for more than a year. Then suddenly with baud realization, he exclaimed; “I’ve beat that impurity!”

Commentary from Keizan;

The wind of the Tao blows far.

It is harder than a diamond.

The whole Earth is maintained by it.


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