EarthDay 2012 | MedMob & UZ Practice Period

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EarthDay 2012 | MedMob & UZ Practice Period

Earth Day 2012 – This was an wonderful & adventuress day of practice.

Fist we had a MedMob gathering in Millennium park. This was just the simple act of people showing up to a public location to practice silent meditation together. On Earth Day we joined over 300 Cities world wide in this unified practice & peaceful intentions in our hearts. We had 22 people show up to meditate together of different faiths & contemplative traditions. The UZ bunch had 7 people in attendance including a fun crew form Elgin, IL. thanx to the organizing efforts of our wonderful members. The calm meditation cluster had a gentle connecting reminder… “you are of this beautiful Earth”.. “& you are always home”. I look forward to our next MedMob-Chicago!

Then several of us went back to our place to get ready for the Sunday Practice Service. We chilled for a couple, had PB & J Sandwiches then off to the Urban Lotus!

We had a nice turnout for our Practice Period with 6 people in attendance.  Zazen instruction fallowed by Silent sitting. Then since I could not come upon an appropriate text in relation to Earth Day, we decided to listen to a Drinking Gourd dharma talk recorded in Spring of 2011 which I knew to be in connection with the subject of nature – FROGGIES to be exact!  ;) This dharma discussion from  Rev. Rinsen  refers to a teaching from the Innumerable Meanings Sutra on the subject of impermanence were the historical Buddha talks about how one should consider phenomenon.

Then we shared tea, next went to eat at a yummy Thai restaurant, then took our Elgin friends to the train station & called it a day! :)

What a fantastic way to spend EarthDay! For the betterment of this sacred Planet, together making the most Noble Effort to fist & foremost work on ourselves!

Check out our Gallery to see the pictures from this day (more pictures to come!) : U-Z Picture Gallery

Check out this Drinking Gourd Podcast Here:

All Dharmas in this Moment

Because we take these phenomenon, these experience to be permanent,
then we wind ourselves around attraction & repulsion.
– Rev. Rinsen


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