On the Endeavor of the Way – Text Reading 3/25/12

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On the Endeavor of the Way – Text Reading 3/25/12

From Master Dogen’s Moon in a Dewdrop:
On the Endeavor of the Way
Bendō -Wa – Verse 1

All Buddha Tathagatas who directly transmit inconceivable dharma, and actualize supreme, perfect enlightenment have a wondrous way, unsurpassed and unconditioned. Only Buddhas transmitted to Buddhas without veering off. Self-fulfilling samadhi is its standard. Sitting upright, practicing zazen is the authentic gate to the unconfined realm of this samadhi. Although this inconceivable dharma is abundant in each person, it is not actualized without practice, and it is not experienced without realization. When you release it, it fills your hand. How could it be limited to one, or many? When you speak it, it fills your mouth. It is not bound by length or width.
All Buddhas continuously abide in it, but do not leave traces of consciousness in their illumination. Sentient beings continuously move about in it, but illumination is not manifested in their consciousness.
The concentrated endeavor of the way I am speaking of allows all things to come forth in enlightenment and practice, all-inclusiveness with detachment. Passing through the barrier and dropping off limitations, how could you be hindered by nodes in bamboo, or knots in wood?

Excerpt from: Moon in a Dewdrop – Writings of Zen Master Dogen


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