Labor Day Metta! From Underdog Zendo ❋

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Labor Day Metta! From Underdog Zendo ❋

May all beings be treated fairly & justly in their daily labors,
free from suffering & the conditions of suffering.

 May all beings find joy, peace
& contentment in their daily labors.

May all beings give & receive kindness, respect, understanding
& dignity in their daily labors.

 May all beings enjoy the fruits of their labors
& compassionately share this fruit with others.

 May we each be mindful of the karma of our labors.

May our labors not create harm for the sake of
greed, hatred, & delusion,
but help support, nourish, & heal this beloved World
we call home.

 May we honor & not forget the countless whom have courageously given their lives to make our working conditions more safe, enjoyable & may noble compassionate beings continue to improve the work-lives of many.


For the benefit of all beings together,

May our daily work express the Great Buddha Way*



From Underdog Zendo


Happy Labor Day 2013

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