Sunday 9/15/13 – Meditation & Movie Nite @ Shaon & Shiko’s Place*

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Sunday 9/15/13 – Meditation & Movie Nite @ Shaon & Shiko’s Place*

This Sunday, we will be holding Zen Practice with movie nite at Shaon & Shiko’s place!

✓ Zazen – YES > 20 minutes silent sitting
✓ Documentary >>>> I AM
✓ Movie followed by group discussion
✓ Food – Veggie burgers n’ friez
✓ Friends, fun, & laughs – YES

TIME: 4PM till around 7pm
If you’d like to come hang earlier, you can come up to 1 hr early. Late is not a prob for this event. Zazen will start at 10 after 4*

LOCATION: 10 minutes (in car) from Urban Lotus Location.
L Stop: (2 blocks from) Pulaski Blue Line Station

Please contact Shaon or Shiko for address.

This is an AWESOME documentary. One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Feel free to bring any friends or family.

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in dharma study together, personal reflection, & deepening ones understanding of Zen Buddhism.

All welcome* All newcomers will receive hands-on meditation instructions.

Please contact Shaon or Shiko if you wish to attend.

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