Sesshin & Jukai Ceremony with Rev. James Myou Ford Roshi – Aug 13th Thru 18th 2013

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Sesshin & Jukai Ceremony with Rev. James Myou Ford Roshi – Aug 13th Thru 18th 2013

Sesshin & Jukai Ceremony with Rev. James Myou Ford Roshi

These intensive residential retreats are open to those who are formal members of the Buddhist Temple of Toledo and/or have the approval of Rev. Rinsen or Rev. Do-on.

Sesshin – Tuesday, August 13 thru Saturday August 17th
Sesshin means, “to touch the heart/mind”.  Sesshin are extended silent practice periods lasting most commonly three, five or seven days.  Retreats involve sitting and walking meditation, chanting and meal practice, as well as talks and individual meetings with a teacher.  These extended practice periods allow us to go deeper into this mystery of awakening to our lives and are an essential part of Zen training.  A Zen teacher once observed that attending a single sesshin is like practicing for a year.

Jukai Ceremony – Sunday, August 18th
Jukai is a processes of receiving the Bodhisattva Precepts. The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts in the Zen tradition were originally designed as guidelines for living a life that supports and deepens practice in everyday life. They can also function as an endless source of contemplation and help us to continually awaken to the universal nature of reality that we call Buddha Nature. “Taking the precepts” with a teacher who has received Dharma transmission from his or her teacher is a way to publicly acknowledge commitment to this way that is beyond words and forms. We vow together to embrace the actual circumstances of our lives, and to enter fully into whatever we encounter.

Bodhisattva Precepts

Rev. Do'on, James Ford Roshi, Rev. RinsenSeveral UZ Sangha members will be attending this full retreat & all UZ Sangha members are encouraged to attend. Also we are pleased to say that Mara will (hopefully) be receiving the Precepts at this retreat & She would love all her friends to be present for the ceremony!

To register for this retreat, or to inquire about being able to register for this retreat email Rev. Do-on directly:

Also Please contact Shaon at for co-ordination with UZ Sangha Participants.

 BTT Sesshin & JukaiFor more info:



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