Living Sangha – Notes From Practice 2/17/13

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Living Sangha – Notes From Practice 2/17/13

Single-Pointed Effort
Sangha Actualized

Sunday Feb 17th 2013 was our Drinking Gourd Practice Period. We arrived at our meditation hall (which is a shared co-op yoga space) to discover a workshop in mid-motion.  As our Zen Practitioners began to arrive… what to do? Well, we grabbed some cushions, jumped in some cars & headed over to our place (Shaon & Mara’s home) to hold practice there!

It was nourishing to have our home meditation space filled with zazen, sutra chant, & many amazing people that we have the opportunity to call Sangha*

We had forgotten to grab our Liturgy Books from the Zendo so a magical moment happened when we were faced with the reciting of our ” Sangha Covenant ” together without any liturgy book to read from! We all began to be present with each-other in utmost attention, listening, watching, recalling, & reciting. Where one person could not remember a word, another person would lead. It was as if in that moment we were all acting as one body, completely present, completely relying on each-other, completely supporting each-other. Together we made it through to the end with flying colors! Even a new member, being his 3rd time with us, was able to fully recite the Covenant without relying on the book! WOW what a moment! On this day, not one of us could have recited the Sangha Covenant by ourselves (Ok maybe me… But I was sure struggling with it!). This was in a very obvious way, the teaching of the living Sangha & our Sangha Covenant expressed not only in words but in clear direct action right before our eyes!

UZ Practice Period 2-18-13To add to this, it was Ryan’s birthday weekend so I surprised everyone when Ryan was instructed to lead & the Sangha thought we were about to perform some mystery chant.. I started singing as everyone joined in.. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR RYAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” ;) HAH! A mile-wide GRIN appeared on Ryan’s face. A warm & cheerful moment it was!

All Evil Karma

Then we watched a Video together from our Senior Dharma Teacher; Rev. Rinsen Weik;
ALL EVIL KARMA [View video Here]

Yes, we made sure to practice this chant earlier as well :) People were very grateful to see this talk & felt it was one of the best they had seen. Afterward, we had a great discussion on the subject & closed with each of us sharing one way which we have noticed a shift in ourselves or actively lessened our harmful karma in ourselves since we have each began to engage in Zen Practice. Everyone had uniquely compelling things to share! Well, “the proof is in the pudding” & the track-record in this Sangha of the transformative impact of  Zen Practice is clearly at 100% * So thank you all for your wonderful practice & each in our own ways, starting with ourselves – Transforming Evil Karma & Helping to heal the World*

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