No Buddha Outside Mind – Drinking Gourd Video From Rev. Rinsen

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No Buddha Outside Mind – Drinking Gourd Video From Rev. Rinsen

 On October  21st 2012 at Underdog Zendo, we watched the following Dharma Talk recorded October 2012 from our Senior Dharma Teacher Rev. Risen Weik of Buddhist Temple of Toledo &  Drinking Gourd Institute.

This Taisho is on the Subject of our Ango Text;
an excerpt from Korean Zen Master Chinul’s; Secrets on Cultivating Mind*
Enjoy the Video!

Excerpt from; Secrets on Cultivating Mind
By Zen Master Chinul

Consequently, you should know that outside this mind

there is no buddhahood which can be attained.

All the buddhas of the past were merely persons who understood their minds.

All the sages and saints of the present are likewise merely

persons who have cultivated their minds.

All future meditators should rely on this dharma as well.

I hope you who cultivate the path will never search outside.

The nature of the mind is unstained;

it is originally whole and complete in itself.

If you will only leave behind false conditioning,

you will be “such”—like the Buddha.

Chinul’s No Buddha Outside Mind (with special guests Ask Buddha and Karate Elvis)

Taisho from Rev. Risen Weik of Buddhist Temple of Toledo, The Drinking Gourd Institute
& Boundless Way Zen

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