IMPORANT NOTICE ➽ Unerdog Zendo is No Longer Holding Zen Practice

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IMPORANT NOTICE ➽ Unerdog Zendo is No Longer Holding Zen Practice

Dear Beloved Friends & Supporters,

For all those whom do not yet know, we regret to say Underdog Zendo is no longer holding Zen Practice in Chicago. A job opportunity arose for us which we could not pass up so Shiko & I have made the difficult choice to relocate to Los Angeles,  California.

For all our regular Sangha members, I want to say you will always remain forever etched in my Heart. For those whom have previously practiced with us, I would like to say it was a profound pleasure to share the practice with you & want to I encourage you with all my heart to find a suitable Sangha to join-in for practice on a regular basis. I also, foremost would encourage you to plug-in with The Buddhist Temple of Toledo for retreats, workshops, & other activities.

We ourselves shall be continuing our Dharma Practice in L.A. Since there are several established Sanghas near us, it would be the best choice for us to join them in their Sangha efforts before we were to decide to rebirth Underdog Zendo in L.A. So far we are feeling hopeful!

If you have never practiced with us & have stumbled upon this site, please sift through the treasures located here & I want to wish you my sincere appreciation for your journey & efforts to engage in self-inquiry. Please know that what you do really matters. I believe in you & I can tell you that with each step, we are all walking through this crazy World  together.

The website is currently remaining up as an on-line resource to share the teachings of the Dharma. The site may in time shift to a purely recourse based website to share various teachings. If this website has been a uniquely positive source for you & you would like to see the website continue in some form, please leave a comment below or send me an email to encourage its continuation.

To be continued !

Endless Bows to All Beings,
Shaon & Shiko
~ Zen Practice Leaders for Underdog Zendo

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