Notes from April Beginners Practice 4/7/13

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Notes from April Beginners Practice 4/7/13

This month we invested in paid advertizing on Facebook for our Beginners Practice Period along with general paid advertizing for our Facebook page. In result, the attendance appeared to be phenomenal for us with 33 people confirming attendance on the Facebook Event Page along with 11 maybes. Being that we only had 10 cushions total, we needed to put special attention into creating proper accommodations for all the anticipated attendance. At least a portion will of them come right? So we figured it out, got it all together & set up. Interestingly, only 1 person ended up actually attending from our advertizing efforts. We were a bit surprised by this but just carried on with equanimity.

Another new face who was invited from an additional website also came. This gentleman is physically blind he yet ventured out to on his own find us. This was compelling to me which I fell honored & inspired from this mans courage. In fact, I am see courage from everyone who comes to Practice with us* Each with their own version courage yet it is only one courage we share, the courage of self-discovery.  Both newcomers were amazing people & was a pleasure to have them.  We also had several returning members which made for a nice group of 6 in attendance.

One thing that is nice about Zen Practice is that we learn to not base our happiness or contentment on some anticipated future outcome (in this case a full Zendo), instead we learn to continually find value & contentment in this very moment in a way that is not dependent on any anticipated conditions. That is one aspect of living peace I am grateful to discover.

Thanks to everyone who came out & see you again soon! :~)

Anyone who was planning to attend the Beginning Practice Period but could not make it & still wishes to come out, we do our Beginners Period the 1st Sunday of every month (the next will be Sun May 5th) or you may attend any upcoming regular Practice Period. Just check the website CALENDAR for the schedule. Additionally, feel free to send me a personal email HERE through the website :)

Bows to all Beings,

Live in in the Presant - Buddha

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