Sangha Community Library

UZ Sangha Community Library

Underdog Zendo is now maintaining a Community Book Library
for all Sangha Participants!

Available Books:

  •  Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind  >>Checked Out – Available in May
    Informal Talks on Zen Meditation & Practice – By Shunryu Suzuki


  • Rebel Buddha  >>Available
    A Guide to a Revolution of Mind – By Dzogchen Ponlop


  • The Art of Just Sitting  >>Available
    Essential Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza – Second Addition


  • No Beginning, No End  >>Available
    The Intimate Heart of Zen – By Jakusho Kwong


  • Buddha’s Brain  >>Available
    The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love & Wisdom – By Rick Hanson, PH. D with Richard Mendius, MD


  • An Introduction To Zen Buddhism  >>Available
    By D.T. Suzuki

Participating in collective sharing is a wonderful way to engage in Sangha & Practice the Dharma as we work to to transform ourselves & build a supportive & healthy humanity. Now, through the simple power of collective sharing, reading resources are available at Underdog Zendo free of charge*

Got books you’re finished reading? Share the love! Add books to the Sangha library!

Books can be checked out for up to a one month period. Any checked out material must be kept in good condition & participants are responsible to replace any lost or damaged materials.

PLEAS NOTE: To qualify for book check-out, participants must attend at-least 3 Practice Periods & attend UZ Practice Periods on a monthly basis.

To check-out a book or donate books, please talk to Shaon or Mara or contact Shaon at: Contact Page