Review of U-Z Opening Practice Service Feb 5th 2012

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Review of U-Z Opening Practice Service Feb 5th 2012

U-Z Opening Practice Service was a truly wonderful experience. It is a bottomless pleasure to help keep the wheel of Dharma in motion. To hear the Sangha Covenant for the 1st time brought tears to my ears. We are truly here to actualize good in this world – starting with ourselves, & ending with… well, there is none!

Everything went smoothly & the energy shared was positive & supportive. Even though it was everyone’s first time practicing the chants together, it carried through rather well! The space is just perfect for our practice. Clean, warm, a gentle sacred atmosphere with a positive energy. A special thanx to Mark from Urban Lotus & Nature Yoga for opening your doors to us!

So why the heck should we bother to come together & just sitting there like rocks in still silence? In an effort to answer this question & to help engage the mind of practice before beginning zazen instructions, I read the text Fukanzazengi – “Universally Recommended Instructions for Zazen” from the founder of Soto Zen; Master Dogen (which I have in Weekly Text Section). I The shared Zazen was superb.. the clear silence & subtle city sounds warmed my heart.. there is a train in the distance & the building subtly vibrates from time to time. The kinhin (walking meditation) was like a gently flowing river – I think I’m still wet today. There are a few kinks to work out which will happen on their own accord but for the most part the practice felt to be in natural flow & everything fell into place…. right down to the bell CRASHING down at the end! haha :)

We had 4 great peeps in attendance total & we found out later that another had arrived late thus could not get in. That’s a good reminder – People need to show up on time because we need to buzzz them in before the practice starts. mara was a wonderful help getting with everything ready for this, helping set everything up & taking everything down.

Thank you guys for coming out & I hope to see you soon* I am truly thankful for this time & the opportunity to further share this profound practice with others. I would also like to take the time to thank the affiliated linage holders of this Sangha; Rev Do’on & Rev. Rinsen of Toledo Buddhist Temple/Toledo Zen Center & Drinking Gourd Institute for the trust instilled in me as Practice Leader, the willingness to see with your own eyes & answering the call when no one else would* My heart goes out in infinite gratitude* & in advance, Underdog Zendo thanks you indefinitely*

Endless Bows,

~Fugon Mugen
UZ Practice Leader

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