Reflections of Round Two 2-12-12

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Reflections of Round Two 2-12-12

Hay all*
Thanx for coming out for round 2!

We are starting to get a wonderful Sangha of folks happening!


Our 1st time sitting a full zazen period* I commend you all for your courage of coming together & taking on the practice*

This practice period had a focus of loving-kindness & the Buddha’s seeing past fixed views.

Only good from here… The ripples spread out & the lotus blooms, the voice of reason, the voice beyond Samsara* May all beings be free!

I’ll be working on the Website this week & also we realized that we really need to get a Mokugyo (fish konker) to keep tempo during chants, & also a bigger bell to! If anyone would like to donate to help us get these items, you can send donations through PayPal to

Endless Bows,

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