Secrets on Cultivating Mind ➁

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Secrets on Cultivating Mind ➁

Secrets on Cultivating Mind  – by Chinul, Tracing Back the Radiance
Section 2

Consider sudden awakening: When people are deluded, they assume that the four great elements are the body, and the false thoughts are the mind. They do not know that their own nature is the true Dharma-body; they do not know that their own self-illuminating awareness is the true Buddha. They look for the Buddha outside  their mind. While they are thus wandering aimlessly, the entrance to the road might by chance be pointed out by a wise advisor. If, in one thought, they then follow back the light of their mind to its source, and see their own original nature, they will discover that the ground of this nature is innately free of defilement, and that they themselves are originally endowed with the non-outflow wisdom-nature which is not a hair’s-breadth different from that of all the buddhas. Hence it is called sudden awakening.

Consider gradual cultivation: Although people have awakened to the fact that their original nature is no different from that of all the buddhas, the beginningless habit-energies are extremely difficult to remove suddenly, and so they must continue cultivation while relying on this awakening. Through this gradual permeation, their endeavors reach completion. Sectets on Cultivating Mind - Art By ShaonThey constantly nurture the sacred embryo, and after a long time they becomes a saint. Hence it is called gradual cultivation! This process can be compared to the maturation of a child. From the day of its birth, a baby is endowed with all the sense organs just like everyone else, but its strength is not fully developed. It is only after many months and years that it will finally become an adult. Hence sudden and gradual cultivation are like the two wheels of a cart: neither one can be missing.

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Secrets on Cultivating Mind

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