UZ BUDDHA BBQ – Sept 30th

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UZ BUDDHA BBQ – Sept 30th

Tomorrow – Sept 30th*

Hay friends, apologies for the short notice… The Urban Lotus space will be occupied tomorrow for a yoga workshop so we’ve decided to take the opportunity to do a Sangha BBQ at our place : D

Same time, 4pm

We’ll do a small service with some zen sitting & then chill out for a back yard BBQ : )FYI; This will be a vegan BBQ, no drugs or alcohol.Since it is going to be at our home, this will not be a public gathering but intended for those who regularly attending Sangha Members.. If you’ve joined us for Service 2 or more times then you are invited ♥  Should be FUN * .. Just write me for directions*Endless Bows,
~ShaonUZ Buddha BBQ[eventlist]

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