Way of the Bodhisattva Retreat | July 10th thru 15th 2012

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Way of the Bodhisattva Retreat | July 10th thru 15th 2012

July 10 – 15

Buddhist Temple of Toledo
Way of the Bodhisattva Retreat with James Ishmael Ford Roshi


All Underdog Zendo Sangha members are invited to attend this wonderful retreat.

These multi-day retreats are characterized by deep concentration and silence. The daily schedule includes zazen, liturgy, formal meals in the Zendo (oryoki), caretaking (samu), dharma talks, and private face to face guidance with the teachers. This is our longest annual retreat and concludes with the receiving of the Buddhist Precepts by approved initiates. This retreat is open to everyone.

July 15

Great Precepts Jukai Ceremony

This Temple event celebrates the receiving of the Buddhist Precepts by approved Jukai initiates. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Zen KajiRetreat could be called the heart-center of zen practice for lay practitioners. It is the time when we can deepen our practice as “part-time monastics” for the period of the retreat. For the serious zen practitioner, such opportunities are  not passed by unnoticed.

I will be attending the full length of this retreat & am encouraging others from our Sangha to join me for as much as they can make. I will be undergoing the Jukai Ceremony on the last day & would love to have as many of you there to whiteness this wonderful event as possible. This is also a great opportunity to connect with the teachers of this lineage & also some important decisions will be made during this retreat which will effect our Sangha so it would be great to have your participation in this as well. I  You can attend for part of the retreat or the whole retreat. Just FYI these retreats average around 75 bux a day. Scholarships are possible.  Attending the Ceremony is free. I am planning to take the bus out but if someone wishes to carpool & drive, that would be wonderful. We can discuss the possibilities & co-ordinate here*
Endless Bows,

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