Who the Shaon?

Who the Shaon?

In 2005, life forced me to change directions. I began searching for my truest self & thus I began studying Buddhism. By 2006 I began attending Service with the PureLand Tradition at the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. Within a year’s time, I began practicing zazen & in 2007 received the Buddhist Precepts at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago where I was given the Dharma-name “Fugon” meaning “Buddha-Seat”. During this time, I began exploring Zen through various art-forms including poetry, sumi-e, digital art, music, & performance art. In my search to connect with the genuine spark of zen, I found my way to practice with Rev. Rinsen & Rev. Do’on Weik of the Buddhist Temple of Toledo. Not long after my return, I became a rouge practitioner, studying & practicing solo while sitting with various groups throughout the U.S & in April 2010, I started my “Free-Zen” blog site TailSwallower.com. Shaon - UZDuring this time I had undergone several awakening experiences causing me to further devote my life to the Buddha-dharma & the effort to help awaken beings. Then in 2011, I returned to Rev. Rinsen where I received authorization as Practice Leader with the Drinking Gourd Institute & in February of 2012 founded Underdog Zendo. Following the deepening of my union with the Buddhist Temple of Toledo, I received the Bodhisattva Precepts for a second time & in July of  2012 graciously received the Buddha’s Robe along with the Dharma-name; Shaon 紗恩, baring the meaning “Fine Gift”. With this, I sincerely hope my efforts to be a Fine Gift for this World. May your heart & mind be at ease. May all beings awaken!

On this hinge exists no door, yet we must reach out & open it.

To see…

There is no door yet only this door.

What was your question again? Zazen, yes zazen is free!

– Fugon